Being a public figure presents many advantages, but in some cases, the disadvantages accumulate, they end up taking the top, to the point of dischanging singularly a destiny, both professional and personal.

It is well known, success and fame attract attention to oneself and lead to an inevitable surge of flashes, critics and press articles. Any event judged a little negative can be amplified, transformed, distorted and trigger a cascade of far darker consequences yet. Many artists, politicians, TV presenters, sportsmen and others have become the target of a flood of fire, through interposed media, until they are dirtied to excess. Only those who have managed to overcome these formidable trials psychologically have found a form of inner peace and have grown out of it. I myself have been a victim of this phenomenon and I am delighted today with the contribution of new technologies to reveal this personal space of free expression, in which I will make you discover, in total transparency, the truth about My long journey as an actor, on the obstacles that I have encountered and on my moments of glory and happiness. There will be neither the false pretences nor the harmful and deceptive interference to which we are too often confronted. Like Leonardo da Vinci, I am convinced that "wisdom is the daughter of experience"; My rich experience has allowed me to progress step by step in life, until I become what I am today: a man fulfilled, born to serve French and international cinema.

I wish you a good navigation within this site which will, I hope, to your liking and which will, incidentally, bring a different look to the one that we have sometimes sought to impose on certain subjects concerning me.