My parents have passed on to me a lot of love and the values of respect for each other, for the given word, for sharing and for tolerance, whatever the origins. Throughout my childhood and sometimes tumultuous adolescence, my dream was to become an actor.

So I first took on the roles of extras allowing me to enter the world of the Seventh art by the small door, even though, coming out of my suburbs, this orientation seemed rather utopian and uncertain. I was just 23 years old when a providential man noticed me: Casting director Bruno DD.

I then took a small part in the film Léon by Luc Besson, and Thomas Gilou offered me in the wake of playing with him in the feature film Rai. This film was a springboard for the rest of my career. For this film, I obtained the "Lépoard de Bronze" of interpretation at the Locarno festival, as well as the prize "special Mention" at the festival of Paris, for the interpretation. The film also obtained the "Golden Leopard".

Then, for several years, they followed the cult feature films, which allowed me to savor the consecration and recognition of the Profession: nomination to the "César of Best Male hope" for Taxi, "Palme d'or" by Interprétaion Collective for the film natives: Coup de Vice, taxi, Taxi 2, Taxi 3, Taxi 4, the little thumb, wasps nest, the mental, the elder of the Ferchaux, natives, etc. have made me known to the General Public and the national and international press. I had a lot of difficulty managing, in such a short time, this exponential celebrity, me who was from a modest milieu and who could not, therefore, claim this kind of unusual course so quickly. It was very intoxicating and it had the effect of incorrectly giving me a sense of invulnerability and impunity. This new profession protected me from material difficulties and served me, in a way, a shield to face, in absolute confidence, all the events of life, even the hardest and gave me false liberties that I should never have taken.

This is how I went through periods of excess of all kinds which had the sad consequence of discovering the dark side of the coin, largely amplified by the magnifying-glass phenomenon to which the scandal press is customary. This ended up training me in a kind of infernal spiral that I was struggling to get out of and I don't wish anyone.

My career, so well started, suffered as much as I did, taking the form of a dashed line, dotted with periods of hyperactivity and total inactivity. These periods of inactivity, however, had the merit of making me take a step back on my new condition and preparing myself psychologically for the rebound that I intend to know in the short term, avoiding the mistakes of the past and giving the best image of Myself. If, in the future, you cross my name again on film posters, it will mean that I have won my bet and that my efforts have not been in vain. That is all I wish us to do so that we can again share, together, the emotions and chills that we experienced a few years ago.

To have all the details on my artistic background, I invite you to open this page.